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Adjunct Action New York

Adjunct faculty are caught up in this crisis in higher education. Our precarious positions, low levels of compensation, lack of benefits, lack of institutional support for research and scholarship, and our exclusion from the governance of our institutions limit our academic freedom and endanger our profession.

Yet, as part-time faculty, we are the majority of all teaching faculty at most colleges and universities. Unless we take action, the trend toward a marginalized adjunct faculty will continue unabated.

We have the power to do something about this situation. We are joining our efforts with other adjunct faculty in New York State and a larger nationwide movement to reform higher education and reclaim our profession.


National Adjunct Compensation Survey

How many hours do you work for every course you teach? Considering the preparation, student correspondence and other work for your students, the answer is probably more than your employer would like to admit but it’s a question that can help improve your work life and many other adjunct and part-time faculty members. Tell us your story to help raise standards in higher education.

Take Action on Adjunct Issues

The crisis in higher education requires everyone to get involved to improve standards for adjunct faculty and learning conditions for students. Go here for ways to support the movement.

Adjunct Action News

  • Tufts University Part-time Lecturers Approve Landmark First Contract

    Tufts University part-time faculty have overwhelmingly approved a landmark first union contract that covers roughly 200 part-time instructional faculty. The three-year agreement makes groundbreaking progress in job stability, includes a significant increase in per course pay and establishes new pathways for professional development. In September 2013, Tufts part-time lecturers were the first Boston area faculty […]
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  • College of St Rose Adjuncts Vote Overwhelmingly to Join SEIU/Adjunct Action

    Adjunct professors at The College of Saint Rose have voted overwhelmingly to join adjunct faculty at schools across the country in SEIU/Adjunct Action. The victory is a step forward for adjuncts in New York State working to improve the working conditions of the increasing numbers of part-time and contingent faculty in higher education. Saint Rose adjuncts will […]
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  • Howard University, Maryland Institute College of Art Adjuncts File for Union Elections

    On March 7th, adjunct faculty at Howard University in Washington, D.C. and the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore filed for a union election and to join the SEIU Local 500 Coalition of Academic Labor. It’s another step forward in the movement to form adjunct faculty unions across America.The news follows up a […]
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